cryotherapy is for everyone!

CRYOtherapy is an innovative procedure where the body is briefly exposed to very cold temperatures ranging from -240°F to -300°F in order to stimulate multiple health, fitness, weight-loss, healing, and beauty benefits. In 1978, Japanese doctor Toshimo Yamaguchi discovered that decreasing the temperature of his patients’ skin reduced the pain they felt during joint manipulation treatments. 

This cold craze may seem like a relatively new discovery or even a trend, but it’s actually been in use for three decades in Europe and Japan, and some date its first use back to the seventeenth century. Currently garnering mainstream attention due to elite athletes’ and trainers’ discovery of its muscle-recovery properties, it’s not just for gym rats, professional sports players, and the ultra-active. Many are turning to cryotherapy for its positive effects on the visible signs of aging, mood and sleep disorders, and much more. 

CRYOtherapy sessions can be used locally or on the whole body. Localized treatments, including facials or targeted pain relief, are conducted using an ice stream machine which emits a low-pressure torrent of frigid air. The full-body experience takes place in our CRYOsauna.


Cryotherapy immediately improves blood circulation, body-wide.


Cryotherapy helps improve the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins.


Cryotherapy ensures adequate delivery of oxygen and nutrients to bodily tissues.

Who uses cryotherapy?

Take a look at what cryotherapy helps with...


Reduces inflammation, pain, warming effect, improves mobility & joint function.

Chronic Pain

Helps with headaches, back pain, phantom and stump pains, osteoporosis, improves mobility.


Reduces blood pressure, calms breathing, decreases muscular tension.


Inflammatory signs are reduced with localized treatment and paired with cold laser therapy.

Multiple Sclerosis

Cryo regulates muscular actions, inhibits inflammation & provides pain relief.

Muscular Dysbalances

Helps balance force and elasticity in the muscles surrounding your joints.

Depressive Conditions

Improvement in mood, a deeper sense of relaxation and euphoria.


Erase pain memory, increase muscle relaxation, reduce inflammation, ease sleep.


Relieves itching, helps heal skin patches, soothes the skin.

Spinal Syndromes

Cold treatment can promote standard therapies very effectively, and replace them sometimes.

Muscular Spasm

Soothes nerve endings, increases blood flow, suppress spasms.

Blunt Joint Trauma

Promotes cell repair, decreases pain, stimulates muscle repair.

Skin Disorders

Cryo relieves itching, helps heal sores, awakens your skin and promotes cell repair.

Central Fatigue

Boosts energy, heightens your senses & increases your metabolic rate.

Chronic Headaches & Migraine

Increases blood & oxygen flow to the brain, stimulates endorphins.


Cryo works well to relieve the pain from degenerative connecting tissues.

Bronchial Asthma

Asthmatics often describe their stay in the cold chamber as highly recuperating.

Sleep Disorders

Whole body cold application can act directly and indirectly to improve sleep behaviour.

Circulatory Disorders

Cryotherapy immediately improves blood circulation, body-wide.

Mental Disorders

Cryo can elevate mood, level excited states, and increase activity levels.

Aatopic Diseases

There is a positive influence of Cryo on the symptoms of Neurodermatitis & Asthma.

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